Get MEPIS Icons

Back in 2005 I was using MEPIS (or SimplyMEPIS as it was known then) as my Linux distribution of choice. I learned a lot about Linux while using MEPIS and wanted to give back to the community. I worked on a few small MEPIS related projects such as my own SimplyUpgrade (never publically released) and some simple icons.

I had even attempted to improve SimplyMEPIS’ DDC monitor detection code for xorg. I’m not sure if any of the monitor improvements ever made it into newer versions of MEPIS but my code was sent to Mr. Woodford (the man behind MEPIS).

Of the projects I worked on while using MEPIS, I am only releasing the icon set. No code is likely to ever be released as I’m sure it’s poorly coded anyway. The icons are not the greatest quality but I have seen them a few places on the web so I have included the originals below.


getmepis_revolution-2 getmepis_revolution-1 getmepis_desktop-2 getmepis_desktop-1 getmepis_computer-2 getmepis_computer-1 getmepis_amazing-2 getmepis_amazing-1