active-promptKArchNotify is an Arch Linux utility used to notify a user when package updates are available. It is a small shell script with output to KDE using the kdialog command. At the time of KArchNotify’s creation there was only one other app that I knew of which notified the user of package updates (Alunn). Alunn was overkill for what I needed at the time so I wrote this for my personal use.

KArchNofiy has very low requirements as only bash, KDE 3, and sudo are needed. It does not run as a daemon or consume resources aside from when the script is running. Normally the script will run at KDE startup, although you could run easily schedule the script as a cronjob.

I no longer use Arch Linux or KDE 3 and as such I am no longer offering support for this app.



KArchNotify v1.3


  1. unzip and run the included install.sh script with root privileges.
  2. configure your settings in /etc/karchnotify.conf
  3. add your user to the updatecheck group (eg. usermod -a -G updatecheck [username] )
  4. copy kde/karchnotify.desktop to your ~/.kde/Autostart directory.
  5. logout and login for new group permissions to take effect.
  6. view the readme.txt file if you have more questions.

Permission Notes:

The install.sh script will attempt to setup the sudo permissions file /etc/sudoers for you by adding the new usergroup “updatecheck“. This group will have permission to run only the /usr/sbin/karchnotify script without need for a password.

A backup copy of your /etc/sudoers file will be made as /etc/sudoers.karchnotify before changes. All changes are labelled under the “# Group added by karchnotify” heading within /etc/sudoers.

If the install script fails to work correctly then you will need to manually set the above permissions.

Other Info:

More information can be found within the included readme.txt file in the download. A changelog can also be found within the download.