PseudoCode Syntax

While attending the Computer Systems Technology program at St. Clair College, I was enrolled in an Intro to Programming course.

This course required a textbook titled Principles of Program Design: Problem Solving with JavaScript by Paul Addison. Throughout this book the author uses a form of pseudocode to help with the understanding of programming concepts.

Most of the students in our course used Notepad++ as their editor of choice. As such, I created a user defined language file for Notepad++ which applies syntax highlighting for this pseudocode.

It is in no way complete but seems to work fairly well and is a lot better than looking at black and white text. The colours I’ve chosen are similar to the default JavaScript syntax highlighting in Notepad++. This may be helpful as JavaScript assignments are also included within the book.



PseudoCode Syntax Highlighting


  1. unzip the downloaded file
  2. open Notepad++
  3. click on menu –> Language –> Define your language…
  4. click on Import… and choose the file you unzipped (userDefineLang.xml)
  5. close and re-open Notepad++
  6. click on menu –> Language –> pseudocode
  7. write in pseudocode