AmCE – Admin miniChat Engine

minichat small example

During my time administrating the Router Design Project website I created some modules for the site. The Admin miniChat Engine (AmCE) is one of those modules. It was created for PHP-Nuke 7.6 and was last updated in 2005. The code can most likely be adapted to work with any PHP based site regardless if PHP-Nuke is being used.

AmCE is a small HTML based chat room for administrators or selected users at a PHP-Nuke driven website. It is designed to be very light on resources on both the server and client. It does not require access to a database and only does periodic updates via HTML META refresh code. While the chat engine does not work in real-time, it should be effective enough for a small amount of users.

The engine itself is contained within one file (minichat.php). AmCE is designed to be very lightweight and as such it has very minimal security, via use of a secret keycode. It should be noted that the files online.txt and auth.txt have no security and can be viewed publicly with a direct HTTP URL call.

The engine supports 2 modes, one for site admins only (admin mode) and one for selected users (user mode). Admin mode has more connection options but only admins who are logged in may use it. User mode forces connection to chat when an authorized user logs in and forces disconnection when the user logs out.

More information can be found in the included readme.txt file.


AmCE v1.22


For installation instructions, copyright info, usage, notes, and changelog info please see the readme.txt file in the download.