QScroll Blocks

QScroll AnimatedDuring my time administrating the Router Design Project website I created some modules for the site. QScroll Blocks is one of those modules. It was created for PHP-Nuke 7.x and was last updated in 2005.

QScroll Blocks allows any PHP-Nuke block to be auto-scrolled after the site loads in a web browser. It does not require use of a database backend as it was intended to be a quick solution for what I wanted. It is not optimized for speed but still shouldn’t require much load time. It uses browser IFRAME code for scrolling when available, failing this it will display the block as normal (with no scrolling).

QScroll Blocks supports 4 scroll modes which can be set by the admin. These are:

0 = Manual scroll bars only (no auto scrolling)
1 = Auto scrolling which can be stopped permanently by the viewer via “mouse over” (recommended)
2 = Auto scrolling which can be temporarily stopped by the viewer via “mouse over”
3 = Auto scrolling which is always on (not recommend for blocks with weblinks)

More information can be found in the included readme.txt file.


QScroll Blocks v1.3


For installation instructions, copyright info, usage, notes, and changelog info please see the readme.txt file in the download.