ToDo List

During my time administrating the Router Design Project website I created some modules for the site. The ToDo List is one of those modules. It was created for PHP-Nuke 7.6 and was last updated in 2005.

The ToDo List is just that, at to do list for site administrators. The list runs as a admin module and supports multiple administrators.


  • easy to use interface (colour coded display)
  • assign by priority (1-5)
  • create due dates (with easy to use calendar)
  • assign a to do to any or all site administrators
  • display to do current status (normal, started, finished)
  • ability to clear all finished to do’s with one click
  • sort by priority, description, due date, assigned, and status


ToDo List v1.2


For installation instructions, copyright info, usage, notes, and changelog info please see the readme.txt file in the download.