Hungry Tummies Website

While attending the Computer Systems Technology program at St. Clair College, I was enrolled in a JavaScript programming course.

One of our final assignments was to create a mock website which allowed the viewer to order something. The site had to do various client side error checks via JavaScript only. I created a fake pizza ordering website called Hungry Tummies Pizza for this project. The site design was simple yet very effective and I had some fun with the project so I decided to include it here.

The main page has JavaScript code for a date/time clock and a 5 picture auto slider/slideshow. The order online page is a 3 step process with various input checks including a credit card algorithm check. During the order process, your total is calculated on the fly. The remaining links do not work and are just for show.

While the above code doesn’t submit your input anywhere, it’s probably best if you do not use real credit card info.

Demo Site:

Hungry Tummies Pizza screenshot
Live Demo