PRIX Website (Eve Online)

PRIXBack in 2010 when I played Eve Online regularly, I was invited to join an Eve corporation (which is equivalent to a “clan” in other games) named Productive Creations [PRIX]. My main focus within the clan was market trading among other things.

At some time I decided to build a website for recruitment and news updates dealing with our in-game corporation. The website was built on Weebly and is hosted for free. The design and theme are custom made by myself and only used within that site.

I stopped regularly playing Eve Online in 2011 and haven’t been in game since. The last post to the PRIX site was by Tealem (the corporation founder) in July 2011, and I have since lost contact with him. The website has long been neglected and I’m quite surprised that it’s still online. You can check it out by clicking the link below.

Productive Creations [PRIX] website

Tealem, if you somehow stumble across this, feel free to contact me!