This Website

thiswebsiteThis website, officially went live on July 17, 2014 and was initially hosted via a Raspberry Pi Model B from my home Internet connection. Once I had figured out how to optimize the software, things ran incredibly smoothly for sucha low end device.

Here is the original info I had listed in a sidebar on this site, back when it was hosted on the RasPi.


This site is hosted on a Raspberry Pi “credit card sized” computer. The Raspberry Pi has an ARMv6 700 MHz CPU, 512 MB RAM, SD card storage, all of which is running off of 5 volts of power.

To stay within the confines of the minimal resources listed above, the OS and software powering this site have been heavily optimized to provide the best experience possible.

While this setup worked fairly well for my needs, at some point I decided to consolidate my home servers onto one machine. At some point I moved the website onto a virtualized server with more resources than the humble Raspberry Pi. The site and backend were still optimized for lower resource usage and good performance, but this freed up the Raspberry Pi for other projects moving forward.

This website is currently hosted with a properĀ VPS provider. The design and backend still holds true to my good optimization and lower resource usage goals. It still performs well when tested on many website speed tests and in real world use.