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What is the Router Design Project (RDP)?

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At this site you will find daily news for software and hardware routers. You can get help building your own router, and show the world what you have built. If it's about routers or gateways then you can bet it's here. How-to guides, software links, "in house" software, hardware, reviews and our very friendly community.
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Spam spam.. everywhere spam! >/dev/null
Posted by nd3 on Friday, October 21 @ 01:33:50 EDT (29 reads) RDP

Ah the joys of running a website these days, or having an email address, running an IM client or even leaving Windows Messaging System running unprotected! The days of spamming! Now it's happening in our forums here at RDP and unfortunately I've had to disallow guests from posting because of it. Guests are still able to view/read the forums but you must be logged in to post/edit. I apologize to any legitimate users who post as guests but I hope you understand the need for the permissions change and create a user account for yourself.

Why oh why must spammers wreck everything. We all know the site hasn't been getting much attention from the other admins and I lately but I promise to handle spam ASAP when I know about it! Note to all.. spam postings and the offending users login name, IP, time & date will be logged and the appropriate people will be notified of your actions! Note to all admins that you have the ability to moderate the forums if needed! read more...

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RDP Slow slow slow.. again!
Posted by nd3 on Friday, August 12 @ 03:56:00 EDT (235 reads) RDP

Unfortunately RDP seems to be down in the dumps again. Progress is extremely slow and the "to do list" is just getting longer and longer. This is mostly because I'm so busy with other things, and partly because my passion for the Router Design Project has fallen. In an effort to keep RDP content fresh, some helpful volunteer admins joined me some time ago. Alas.. we are back where we started,.. all project leaders busy and/or uninterested and no fresh content. READ MORE....

(Read More... | 1406 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0)

Wolverine 2.00.889
Posted by 486hawk on Wednesday, June 01 @ 07:13:59 EDT (162 reads) Wolverine

Wolverine 2.00.889 is now available for download. "This release fixes problems with VLAN support, and a validation error in the web administrator's auto-forward entry page." As always you can get Wolverine 2.00.889 from

(comments? | Score: 0)

A new player in the field: wifiBSD
Posted by hoba on Saturday, May 07 @ 09:38:08 EDT (219 reads) FreeBSD

For all of you who are looking for a distribution aiming at wifi-support or for building an Accesspoint you might watch wifiBSD.
This project is still very young (concerning code not age but developement is starting again;-) but the goals already sound promising. There is also no webgui at the moment and you have to know BSD if you want to configure it, so if you are a bsd-master give it a try, if not drop by from time to time if you are interested to see the project evolve...

As this ditribution will also be available on FreeBSD and NetBSD there should be unique hardwaresupport for various platforms.


(comments? | Score: 0)

News for users of Coyote Linux and Wolverine.
Posted by 486hawk on Friday, May 06 @ 08:35:41 EDT (191 reads) Coyote Linux

First let’s start off by reporting that users of Wolverine can download version 2.00.887. This release corrects problem with UPnP for PPPoE users and a reconnection problem with PPPoE.

For those of us using Coyote Linux version 2.24 has been released as development. Coyote Linux version 2.16 has also been added to the download page as stable.

As always Coyote Linux can be acquired from the Coyote Linux home page along with information about Wolverine.

(comments? | Score: 0)

Coyote Linux 2.23
Posted by 486hawk on Thursday, May 05 @ 08:55:59 EDT (260 reads) Coyote Linux

Coyote Linux 2.23 has been released. “This release fixes problems with the QoS services, and should correct the PPPoE reconnection issues.” The kernel has also been updated to version 2.4.30. As always you can get Coyote Linux from Read more for the change log.

(Read More... | 646 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0)

IPCop on WRAP -> WrapCop!
Posted by hoba on Saturday, April 16 @ 08:42:45 EDT (450 reads) Single Board Computers

For all fans of IPCop and embedded hardwaresolutions there is good news:
You can bring the two together now! Someone did a Compactflash Image to run on the fine PC-Engines Hardware. You can get it here.


(comments? | Score: 0)

Wolverine 2.00.885
Posted by 486hawk on Friday, April 15 @ 08:29:23 EDT (158 reads) Wolverine

For those Wolverine users out there we have news of 2.0 build 885 release. “This release fixes PPTP authentication problems with local users, and compatibility problems with older AMD based systems.” Coyote Linux

(comments? | Score: 0)

pfsense is heading towards beta
Posted by hoba on Friday, April 08 @ 19:54:42 EDT (223 reads) pfSense

Lately pfSense-developement has going on very rapid and the pfsense is more and more evolving. It really is starting to become different from m0n0wall and those who thought of it just to be a "spin off" of m0n0wall should look in the many differences and advanced functionality.
At the moment pfSense is heading towards beta, which means that there is a feature-freeze. From now on developement aims on fixing bugs and everybody is welcome to test and report to the mailing list at .


(comments? | Score: 0)

Long Standing, Forum ''New Post Bug'' Fixed!
Posted by nd3 on Wednesday, March 30 @ 14:43:14 EST (163 reads) RDP

Over the past year (perhaps longer) many users may have noticed a problem in the forums here at RDP. The problem is noticed when a user logs in and sees all new posted messages in the forum. When said user clicks on a new message then after reading it, returns to the forum to look for the other new messages he find nothing. This bug would flag all messages as read as soon as you read one or posted a new message. It was very annoying to say the least but it has been fixed! READ MORE...

(Read More... | 1109 bytes more | comments? | Score: 0)

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